Linda Mahsuo-Ortiz is an independent Business Specialist, Health consultant, Motivational speaker, Professional peer counseling, Minister, and Mother who, is an experiences of variety life coaching opportunities to combat low self-esteem to reverse self-possible break through out of poverty by starting 2012, self- identification, research to define the true compassion and quality life value by referral and workshop mentoring to utilize her passion in assisting undeserved communities extensively with resources to improve their Value and quality of life.

She organized a group of peer support by educating health awareness and business workshop, to empower, inspire and transparency of greater achievement. Ms. Mahsuo – Ortiz founded the Non-profit – 501C3 called NWALI CORP which means in words of passion.

No Women Are Least International CorpĀ an organization that service communities, individuals, group, entrepreneurs, private and non-profit organizations partnership and Life Leader achievement members to “Motivate people with freedom from poverty and censorship.