Voice Dialogue Coaching

Join us on the free conference line:
Dial-in using your phone:+1 605-562-0400 
Access code: 879 6110

Tuesdays and Thursdays, Women / Men & Family, 7:30 – 8:00 pm

Topic: Self care, Emotion well being, Mindfulness, Healthy choices, Self employment, Social activities,Sports, Economize budget, Physical fit, Legal rights, Music, Advocate personality, Credit & Debts freedom.

Q: What is this supposed to help?

A: This voice dialogue coaching is designed to help reduce stress, depression, in difficulties and increase support of positive energy educational awareness for self and family.

Q: How long is this session?

A:This session take weekly in the evening from (Monday and Wednesday for Men/family) and (Tuesday and Thursday for Women/family).

Q: Is this mandatory?

A: ABSOLUTELY NOT! you can participate whenever you decided.

Q: Who can join and are there specific thing will be talk about?

A: It free to everyone and the focus concepts: Setting positive goals, Respectful listen, Self care responsibilities, One Mac, Sharing idea, and comply for change.