"Be the change you want to see in the world"


Linda Ortiz–Mahsuo is an independent business specialist, health consultant, motivational speaker, professional peer counselor, minister, and mother with a passion for growth and success. In fulfillment of a promise made to self after her battle with low self-esteem and breakthrough out of poverty in 2012, and 2019, she established NWALI CORP which means in words of passion.

Considering what gives her inner satisfaction and strength other than spending time with women from undeserved communities, Ms. Ortiz–Mahsuo consistently utilizes her experience and journey to self-identification in helping people find true compassion and purposeful life. To say the least, she is renowned for the extensive resources she provides during her mentoring sessions and workshops. More so, her peer support initiative NWALI CORP helps educate and create awareness on health topics and business in a bid to empower and inspire others to achieve greater things.

Ms. Ortiz–Mahsuo also spends time and resources giving back to society. When she is not meeting with members of her team, Ms. Ortiz–Mahsuo enjoys spending time with her family whom she holds in high regard.

No Women Are Least International Corp is an organization that services communities, individuals, groups, entrepreneurs, private and non-profit organizations partnership and Life Leader achievement members to “Motivate people with freedom from poverty and censorship.