Empowering women and individuals from undeserved communities through education, peer support coaching, and facilitating skill development training and workshops that create income and enhance healthy life choices.


To ensure all individuals especially women have equal rights and are treated fairly in all spheres of life including health, physical, economic, social, civil, political, and cultural activities.

Live, Love, Latch

We established a peer counseling group called “Building Super mom Support group community for Breastfeeding”.

Merry holiday indoor tabling events

Self–skill empowerment, and FREE basic workshops on starting a business from the starting point (Be your own boss and create income)


Aims to empower and generate income for individuals from undeserved communities through educational outreach programs, healthcare awareness advocacy, and peer support programs.


We are committed to creating a society where women of color and their families will no longer be viewed as an exception to the rule but as relevant assets and necessary addition to organizations both nationally and worldwide.

Community impact

As a result of the relentless activities of our team members, we have been able to cover many undeserved communities where we promote social justice and improve the physical and psychological well-being of women and their families. This has helped them to eradicate the poverty life cycle that is the norm in these communities.

We strive to eliminate discrimination against low-income women and their families and help sufferers of domestic violence, child abuse, and homeless individuals. Likewise, our activities in these communities have promoted accessibility to emergency in-home childcare, and senior physical health support services through partnerships with senior organizations. To say the least, our youth sports seasonal events not only help foster a sense of belonging but also advance capacities for income generation and enhance leadership skill development. In addition, it also promotes local participation in decisions that affect their lives, amplifying their voices for peace and security at both national and global levels.


    • Punctual with Time

    • Confidentiality Key Point

    • Motivation education with inspiration

    • Self-Real (open to Fast hearing the truth and After Speak the truth)

    • Cultural One: Focus on norms, values, & Ethics is our expectation for team success

    • Respectfully participate with a constructive attitude

    • Give support to women and their families